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  3. Went away this weekend, so nothing sexy happened between Silver and I, so unfortunately could not update every1!!

    But we did exchange asshole pics which was fun

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  5. Hi possible you mp me i would like a hack Z1 battle royal 7days with paypal you could mp me thank you in advance 

  6. This response is correct! You can go through Mar1k for PayPal if you would like. Our store PayPal is down but we're working on getting it back up.
  7. check your PM when you get a chance 🙂

  8. Hey there,currently the option to pay with pay pal directly in the store is disabled,however you can pay with pay pal if you use the reseller service that Mar1k provides. There you go
  9. When I add the Z1br cheat to the shopping cart i don't see an option to pick between paypal and bitcoin. When i press checkout it brings me to the bitcoin payment site.
  10. Hey man sorted the photos thank you for approving too

    1. silveR


      Thanks for fixing them.

  11. Hey I think it depends on your playstyle really, if you prefer quick combat, vehicles like helicopters and don’t like running for 20mins arma is better, but then if you prefer the slower playstyle that’s more survival based and less running and gunning then dayz would be better choice, just be aware both games have their fair share of bugs and glitches, I personally prefer dayz as I don’t like a-10’s flying about in survival servers but that’s my preference
  12. Plz me verify ??

    1. silveR


      No, incorrect. I explained to you what you did wrong last time and you still got it wrong. Denied.

    2. silveR


      Thank you for providing updated images via private message. Approved.

  13. Thank you, i created an application to get verified about a hour ago! Just waiting for a response and hoping i can get verified early tomorrow!
  14. Yes the cheat is still undetected. It takes between 24-48 hours to get verified. Please take a moment to read our getting started guide.
  15. Is the cheat still undetected? How long does it take to be verified?
  16. Last week
  17. Blanket

    Arma 3

    Our cheat isn't script based so nothing shows up in the logs, you'll be fine. The admins won't know anything if you just play legit.
  18. I don't know which one to get :[ Can someone tell me which is the most fun?
  19. skengbot

    Arma 3

    And even if undected, if I just use the ESP the admins wont see anything on server logs? Im used to hiding, so just want to know for sure that they cant see anything suspect other than "good gameplay" ^^
  20. Helped me lose my virginity, would recommend to others if wanting to lose virginity.

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    2. silveR


      1440p minimum I hope.

    3. FruityZa


      I was thinking more of 8K but sure why not, gotta jack off to some content I guess

    4. veakwolf


      I used my BLACK MAGIC URSA Mini Pro so be ready for 4.6K Reso


  21. Blanket

    Arma 3

    Personally I would join the Discord since Mar1k is in it. You can easily find him and send him a message and wait for him to respond.
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