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    Just a place to shame belligerent scum! rhotis (aka. the scamming retard): (discord ID so he can't just change his name: 297412099951296513) Loves to buy cheats and make videos claiming that he owns said cheat, and then scams people... shame! Imagine scamming people out of their hard earned money...yikes. Isn't it wonderful that we have his ID and he will never be apart of the community again! (more people to be added soon )
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    I was thinking of this as I have just referred a friend now to buy the Apex cheat on here. Maybe in the future try implementing a referral program so it incentivizes people to refer their friends Rough figures: Your referral purchases a cheat that costs 89.99 Then you could earn 5-10% of that 89.99 off your next purchase of a cheat Its just a vague idea and maybe something like this could be implemented later on down the road as it could increase sales of cheats and more exposure for ProofCore Enjoy the rest of your day!
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    OFFICIAL TRUSTED PROOFCORE RESELLER - MAR1K Hello, friends! We are the same people as you are, so sometimes we are offline. Most purchasers want to buy the cheat and use it immediately not wishing to wait until it is activated. That is why for a long time we have had the system of online payment through the Oplata.info service, which you can use to log in from ProofCore.IO forum, pay for the subscription and start playing with the cheat! The service mentioned accepts: credit cards from all over the world, Bitcoin, AliPay, UnionPay, Steam Skins and many more. You to get extra information on that if you go to the links below. Not everybody knows (or just forgot), so we remind that following those links you can buy any valid cheat of the company with the minimal commission. And for our permanent purchasers we have created the system of disount. For that reason you can accumulate the discount so in the future you can buy the stuff at the best price possible! Agreement\TOS and about Refunds(BEFORE PURCHASE MAKE SURE TO READ AND UNDERSTAND ALL THIS!) The list of valid cheats and online links to buy them you can find below: HWID SPOOFER ( Support all BE games ) : 1 month: https://www.digiseller.market/asp2/pay_wm.asp?id_d=2630192 Apex Legends Cheats: 1 week: https://www.digiseller.market/asp2/pay_options.asp?id_d=2698441 1 month: https://www.digiseller.market/asp2/pay_options.asp?id_d=2698445 Arma 3 Cheats: 1 week: https://www.digiseller.market/asp2/pay_wm.asp?id_d=2715958 1 month: https://www.digiseller.market/asp2/pay_wm.asp?id_d=2715959 DayZ Standalone Cheats: 1 week: https://www.digiseller.market/asp2/pay_options.asp?id_d=2698448 1 month: https://www.digiseller.market/asp2/pay_options.asp?id_d=2698449 PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Cheats: 1 week: https://www.digiseller.market/asp2/pay_options.asp?id_d=2698450 1 month: https://www.digiseller.market/asp2/pay_options.asp?id_d=2698452 Rainbow Six: Siege Cheats: 1 week: https://www.digiseller.market/asp2/pay_options.asp?id_d=2716604 1 month: https://www.digiseller.market/asp2/pay_options.asp?id_d=2716606 Dead by Daylight Cheats: 1 week: https://www.digiseller.market/asp2/pay_options.asp?id_d=2764808 1 month: https://www.digiseller.market/asp2/pay_options.asp?id_d=2764809 Z1 Battle Royale Cheats: 1 week: https://www.digiseller.market/asp2/pay_options.asp?id_d=2758557 1 month: https://www.digiseller.market/asp2/pay_options.asp?id_d=27585 Insurgency: Sandstorm Cheats: 1 week: https://www.digiseller.market/asp2/pay_options.asp?id_d=2769244 1 month: https://www.digiseller.market/asp2/pay_options.asp?id_d=276924 Extra information: Besides online payment, we continue to accept your orders on a first-come, first-serve basis. This mode is advantageous as you receive the improved discount and price, because there is not any commission on withdrawal as in the case with Oplata.info. But of course we should not forget about the moral and ethical rules! Please do not flood, spam or insult as it will result in at least longer period for activation and response. We, in turn, promise to help every purchaser in need, as well as to provide integrity and prompt response! Have any questions? Message me! Skype Login: live:mar1khacks [Click! Add me to Skype OnLine! NOW!] ICQ UIN: 7049195 FaceBook.Com Profile: facebook.com/mar1khack [Click! Write to me in FaceBook OnLine!] Vk.Com Profile: vk.com/mar1khack [Click! Write to me in VKontakte OnLine!] Discord Contact: Mar1k#1993 Telegram messenger number: +380969064108 or login: Mar1kHack WhatsApp messenger number: +380969064108 Viber messenger nubmer: +380969064108 YouTube Channel: youtube.com/c/Mar1kHacksCompanys E-Mail: [email protected]
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    Extremely quick and shitty edit I made just to show off what this amazing cheat can do in Apex. Thank you to all the people in the ProofCore team that make playing with this amazing software possible
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    I am quite curious as to what people have in their PCs. I know there is another topic like this but it seems dead and I hope that maybe this one will get a couple more replies. Pics are not needed ofc but I am sure everyone likes seeing PCs online, whether or not they are high-end or on the cheaper side. Seeing as I started the thread, I should go first: CPU: Ryzen 5 3600X Motherboard: Asus ROG Strix B450-E RAM: 32GB Corsair and HyperX 3600MHz ( Corsair was from old PC and only works with the new MOBO and CPU if I used the HyperX RAM, lol) GPU: Sapphire Vega64 Nitro+ Storage: 250GB SSD for OS(s) 1TB HDD for Software and most of my games 1TB SSD for games that I play a lot ( Destiny2, Conan Exiles, WoW, etc) 10TB external HDD for photos, videos, phone backups, etc 1TB external SSD mainly used for my MacBook but also a a way of transfering large files such a videos between PC and Mac PSU: 750W EVGA PSU Monitors: 2x 27inch Curved Samsung 1080p 60HZ monitors ( fuck if I remember the model ) Keyboard: Razer BlackWidow V2 Chroma Mouse: Steelseries Rival 100 (PC) and Razer Naga ( MacBook) Headset: HyperX Cloud Revolver X VR: Oculus Rift
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    So, keep in mind that first of all, this is simply my opinion, yours or other people's can vary wildly from mine and that is perfectly fine and, second of all, while I have not played too much with this cheat, I have used other Apex cheats so I would say that I have a fair bit of experience. ESP 10/10 Well, all I can say about the wall is that it is absolutely perfect. It is clean, everything is easy to see or read, the distance filter is amazing if you want to keep some semblance of being a legit player and the item ESP is simply wonderful <3. Nothing beats the feeling of dropping into a high-tier zone, grabbing some dope gear and then just obliterating everyone. In all fairness, the ESP is all you really need to have an amazing experience. AIMBOT 8.5/10 While the aimbot hits most shots, it does tend to give up on life sometimes. It takes a little bit to get used to it and to find the proper settings but once you do, there is no stopping you. Based on what your weapons are and how you play, you may find that the aimbot works better at certain ranges, for example, I love using it medium to long range. The bullet predict is amazing and lets you hit some absolutely insane shots. Still, it does give up on life sometimes, for example, I was shooting at at guy with a tiny fov then I suddenly find myself doing a 180, shooting a wall (there was nothing behind me) then staring at it for a little bit. CONCLUSION 9/10 Overall, I think that this cheat is defos worth buying. It is safe, powerful, has virtually no impact on performance and is simply the best way to ensure that you win as many matches as possible. Plus, the price is okay. Considering the whole verification thing and the fact that the cheat is semi-public, this is the best deal you can get for an Apex Cheat as of the moment of writing. P.S: I will add some screenshots later.
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    Let the pc master race rolling then! It’s just a list i have on steam,so it wont be that well written like yours are. So here comes my setup PC: -Fractal Design Define R5 PC case -DEMCiflex Dust Filter 2-Vent Top -7X Fractal GP14 case fans -Phanteks built in PWM Hub -MSI Z370 GAMING PLUS -Intel Core i7-8700K -be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 3 cpu cooler -ASUS GeForce GTX 1080 Ti OC 11GB -Atlas Graphics Card Brace Support -Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB DDR4 3000MHz -Seasonic PRIME Ultra Platinum 1200W PSU -ASUS STRIX RAID DLX 7.1 soundcard Storage: -Samsung 960 EVO 250GB M.2 SSD -Samsung 860 EVO 250GB SSD -Samsung 860 EVO 500GB SSD -Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB 7200 RPM -Western Digital Black 1TB 7200 RPM -Western Digital Black 2TB 7200 RPM -Toshiba 500GB 7200 RPM Pheripherials: -ROCCAT Kone EMP -Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro L Cherry mx Brown switch -SteelSeries Siberia 840 Microphone: -Blue Yeti Blackout edition with Soundking foam Monitor: -LG 34UC89G-B operating on 166hz with G-SYNC
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    It supports 1809 or 1903 version,you can read about in this article: https://www.proofcore.io/forums/how-to/ If you have a higher version like 1909 you need to downgrade it.If you had a clean install with 1909 you need to reinstall with an older version,make sure to back up the necessary files from your main drive where windows is located. If you have upgraded from an older version to a newer all you need to do is to remove the update,you can do so even if you have installed the update more than 10 days ago(the default time limit). This video should help you:
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    Hey everyone i just want to say a big THANK YOU for the proofcore staff! I had problems with the hwid- they solve it I had other questions- they answer I needed an advice- they support me But the most important and not the last!!!- i needed a cheat/hack and guess what? They give me the best one!! The aimbot from apex it's very easy to use and op. I don't think i have to say something about esp because it's working perfectly. Once again i want to say thank you again for the staff!
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    Let's go guys! Hacking never sleeps!
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    Z1 Battle Royale Cheat Features: -Player ESP- -Skeleton- -Box- -Name- -Distance- -Item ESP- -Weapons- -Ammunition- -Misc- -Grenade- -Loot- -Aimbot- -FOV- -Smoothing- -Aimkey- -Aimbone- -Velocity Prediction- -Bulletdrop Prediction- -Gravity- Price: 29.99$ - 1 week 59.99$ - 1 month Media: Proofcore - winning made easier
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    Helped me lose my virginity, would recommend to others if wanting to lose virginity.
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    First of all, this is my first DayZ hack I've used! I've had the hack for a month. It works great! Unfortunately you cannot hide the menu, but this does not really affect it. PLAYER ESP: 9/10 The Player ESP works as it should, it shows players who are about 1000 meters away. All players were always shown. It shows the skeleton and which item the player holds in his hand and of course the distance to the player. What you can add: Health-Bar and Nametags. ITEM ESP: 7/10 The Item-ESP also works as it should. All items are displayed, you can choose from different categories. The different categories are divided into different colors, so that one can distinguish them more easily. But a big problem are the big cities. So many items are displayed that it is very difficult to find the item you are looking for. What you can add: Item-Filter OTHER ESP (ZOMBIES, CARS, ANIMALS, HELICRASHES...): 10/10 The Monster ESP works perfectly. It shows zombies within a kilometer. The animal ESP is also the car ESP. Helicrash ESP works just as well MURDERMODE/SILENTAIM: 9/10: The Murdermode/Silentaim is really great at a distance of +30 meters! You can kill a fully equipped player with a pistol with one bullet, even at a distance of 1000 meters. You can also kill zombies with it. Within 30 meters it is sometimes difficult to kill someone. Even with a scope, sometimes it's hard to hit someone. BAN, UPTIME, ETC..: 10/10 The Hack was never detected during the time I was using it. I dont noticed any downtime. I wasn't banned except by a few servers, but that was my fault The price is okay, but there should be some new features for the ITEM- and PLAYER-EPS My last words: In general, a very good hack, with minor flaws. But I think that will be fixed in the near future. There were a few crashes in the first few weeks, but they never came back. Thanks for the great hack. And I am looking forward to further nice experiences. Keep up the good work!
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    CPU: Ryzen 5 2600 GPU: RTX 2060 RAM: Corsair 16gb 3000mhz Storage: 500GB NVME 250GB SSD 1TB Hard Drive Monitor: Dual Acer Monitors 144hz
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    I see. Welp, guess I will stick to dual displays for the time being. I am more than happy with my 1080p screens for now, the only thing that I do like is the 60Hz refresh rate as not matter what , I easily get over 120/144 frames in most modern titles ( not kidding, the Vega and Ryzen CPU have made me happier than NVidia and Intel ever could xD)
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    Neat PC. Tbh, I did think of going for just one monitor at one point but I have grown accustomed to having two of them for multitasking purposes and I'd hate to have to alt tab even more than I already have to. Mind if I ask what games you play on that thing? @thecruelhero
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    It will be coming soon, yes. Our coder has just been busy lately.
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    Darky will add serveral things when he has the time, no worries
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    This is my honest dayz review after 1 month of cheating. Aimbot 9/10 Aimbot is amazing. It works just as it should. The only thing that might not work is shooting close targets (5-10 meters away). The bullet does not have time to teleport and the aimbot does not work that close. Item ESP 6/10 It works, it is nicely done. You get categories in menu with different colors. What is lacks is better flexibility. You cannot filter it much and it is hard to find something you’re looking for. The most downside to esp for me is broken helicrash esp and most importantly no location and corpse esp. I really hope that gets added soon. Player ESP 9/10 Player esp looks really good. You see all the players on 1km range and you also see what they are holding in hands. Simple skeleton is also a nice feature the have. Only thing it lacks is health and name esp but for me it is not that neccessary. Detection Rate 10/10 I have been using all features (even raging, killing everyone I see on 1km range) and have been banned 0 times so far. This is probably the most difficult and important job, to keep the cheat UD. Conclusion The cheat looks very professional and the injection is easy too. It lacks some of the features but the most important ones are there. I really like that it does not get detected much. I was thinking about mentioning the speedhack but it is a very risky feature and can get the cheat detected fast. I would really like to see an update since its price has been increased. After all I rate this cheat solid 8/10. I do recommend the cheat. Currently it is the best one on the market.
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    I am writing on my own feed lul
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    330, you don't need to touch it to be honest. never touch Veloc. use smooth 4
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    Hello. Since quite a lot of different things needs to be announced and noone likes reading long texts, let's not waste any time and get to the important stuff: PayPal has been added to the store: Yes, it's right, you can finally purchase all of our cheats directly from our store with PayPal and without any additional reseller fees! After that, your subscription is added automatically, no need to wait for an administrator to manually approve it! Bitcoin is still available as well, the required confirmation count has been lowered to 1 confirmation so our BTC users are able to start cheating even faster as well! All other payment methods are still available through our reseller @Mar1k. Please don't contact him for PayPal payments anymore, only use the store itself for that. But yes, you need to be "Verified" to purchase with PayPal as well. There is no way to bypass our ID verification system, your transaction will be refused. Prices have been changed: DAYZ, R6S and A3 are 44.99$ /week and 89.99$ /month from now on. APEX is 34.99$ /week and 69.99$ /month from now on. Z1BR, DBDL and ISS are 29.99$ /week and 59.99$ /month from now on. Why have the prices been changed? Adapted prices to the current cheat market PayPal is now available in store without any additional fees (same price as BTC) We now offer a permanent 25% discount for secondary, tertiary, ... subscriptions that can be used by customers that already have an active subscription and want to try a different cheat that we offer for the first time 25% permanent discount for customers on secondary, tertiary, etc subscriptions: To "compensate" the small price increase, we decided to give existing (and future) customers that have at least 1 active sub the opportunity to try a second (and a third, etc) of our cheats for a reduces price. The coupon code "CustomerDiscount25"... ...can be used by users who have the "customer" role (=atleast 1 active sub) ...can only be used for cheats that you haven't purchased before (no renewals) ...gives you a 25% discount if the requirements above are met The coupon code can be entered during checkout as explained below:
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    The Apex Legends exceeded my original expectations and i had great amount of fun playing and recording with the cheat! The ESP like siege is clean and has no noticable impact on FPS and renders from a good distance! The aimbot has adjustable FOV and smooth values to suit your play style, legit, semirage, rage ect. And i love the drop compensation, it makes hitting shots easier than ever! I was able to drop double digit kills in pretty much every game i played and, at the time of posting this, the cheat is undetected and going strong, and i know that proofcore put a lot of effort into keeping their cheats UD, which we can all appreciate. Looking forward to using more of proofcores products in the near future!
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    OFFICIAL TRUSTED PROOFCORE RESELLER - MAR1K Hello, My name is Maxim Kotvitskyy ( NICKNAME: MAR1K ), I am an Official Reseller here at ProofCore.IO If you can't purchase any subscription using site's official payment options, you can always pay for a subscription through me. I offer many payment options such as: PaysafeCard Venmo Cashapp Amazon Cards USD and EURO Skrill SOFORT BitCoin Cash (BCH) Ethereum (ETH) Dash (DASH) Litecoin (LTC) Ripple (XRP) Perfect Money USD and EUR Advanced Cash USD and EUR Payeer USD Steam Wallet Gift Code G2A Wallet Steam Skins Mobile Payments Discover VTPay OneCard AMEX JCB BOA COMPRA AliPay WeChat UnionPay QQ Qiwi WebMoney Yandex.Money Credit Cards: Visa MasterCard Maestro How to Pay: Make sure to register an account here at ProofCore.IO Then add Mar1k, the seller through the contacts you can see below: "https://i.imgur.com/T6zhPJ0.png" Wait till Mar1k, the seller can confirm your friendship for further communication. When that's done, you will be able to discuss with Mar1k what is the easiest option for you to pay and how to proceed from there on. Have any questions? Message me! Skype Login: live:mar1khacks [Click! Add me to Skype OnLine! NOW!] ICQ UIN: 7049195 FaceBook.Com Profile: facebook.com/mar1khack [Click! Write to me in FaceBook OnLine!] Vk.Com Profile: vk.com/mar1khack [Click! Write to me in VKontakte OnLine!] Discord Contact: Mar1k#1993 Telegram messenger number: +380969064108 or login: Mar1kHack WhatsApp messenger number: +380969064108 Viber messenger nubmer: +380969064108 YouTube Channel: youtube.com/c/Mar1kHacksCompanys E-Mail: [email protected]
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    APEX: Legends Cheat Features: -Player ESP- -Box- -Health bar- -Name- -Distance- -Item ESP- -Aimbot- -Custom FOV- -Smoothing- -Aimkey- -Aimbone- -Bulletdrop Prediction- -Velocity Prediction- Price: $34.99 - 1 week $69.99 - 1 month Media: PROOFCORE - winning made easier
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    Rainbow Six: Siege Cheat Features: -Player ESP- -Box- -Health bar- -Name- -Distance- -Weapon- -NoSpread- -NoRecoil- -Aimbot- -FOV- -Smoothing- -Aimkey- -Aimbone (Head/Hand)- -Misc- -NoClip- -Glow- -Custom FOV & Viewmodel- -Unlock All (Operators, Skins)- Price: 44.99$ - 1 week 89.99$ - 1 month Screenshots: Proofcore - winning made easier
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    DayZ Standalone Cheat Features: -Player ESP- -Skeleton- -Distance- -Item in hands- -Item ESP- -Distance- -Symbol- -Other ESP- -Zombie- -Animal- -MurderMode/SilentAim- -FOV- -Aimbone (Head/Leg)- Price: 44.99$ - 1 week 89.99$ - 1 month Media: Proofcore - winning made easier
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    This response is correct! You can go through Mar1k for PayPal if you would like. Our store PayPal is down but we're working on getting it back up.
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    I will do my best to remain a loyal customer for as long as possible and I hope I will get to play around with more of your cheats sooner or later.
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    Download the loader if possible, otherwise you must wait for someone from the staff to grant you access to everything. Should not take too long.
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    There is Silent Aim on Arma 3 and DayZ.
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    Touched my PP and I kinda liked it. 100% would do it again
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    Awesome! xd Create a new thread once you get it done and post it there, people would love to see it.
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    Ahh, okay, lol.
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    It does not have silent aim and personally I kind of like that. Given how apex plays, I think that saim might be obvious at times if people are really looking at your aim abd if you have a high fov. People did request it but I'd rather have a fix to the occasional 180 and a vis check.
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    Righto. Was just curious as I wanted to go wild for a bit. Oh well, guess I will have to try and not be too obvious.
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    Yeah but having two screens of the same kind looks pleasing and I am trying to save up space on my desk, it's cluttered enough as it is. @Pallverstf is that pic?
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    Thank you for the detailed review of our Apex Cheat!!
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    Lol, you should upload it all to YouTube
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    I'm glad we could help and we're happy to have you as one of our customers!
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    Mar1k is an excellent reseller. As soon as your payment is confirmed he lets the Proofcore staff know immediately so we can set you up as soon as possible. Do not hesitate to deal with him, he's very experienced and trustworthy.
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    If it's government issued, it will work fine.
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    is the helicrash esp really working for you? For me it does not work
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    Excited to try this! Good review!
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    Before I start off this review I want to mention that while my experience with this cheat is limited, I have tried loads of other cheats so I suppose I have a bit of experience when it comes to judging them. AIMBOT 8.5/10 I have mixed feelings about the aimbot seeing as at times it lands the most insane of shots and at other times it barely scratches the enemy. For my playstyle, I have found that it works best if I keep it on some semi-rage settings and only use it when I know it is not likely to be seen ( that being, spawnpeeks, when I am surrounded by enemies and if people rewatch the killcams they mostly look to see what tf their team was doing etc). Overall, while the aim is not perfect, I think that everyone can make it work with a bit of tweaking. ESP 10/10 The ESP, while simple, does it's job extremely well. First of all, obs cannot pick it up so that is simply great,second of all, being a box esp it is quite light and does not impair your vision. This way, even if you know where someone is, you can properly see if that person is visible or not ( box and skeleton and maybe glow tend to make me misjudge depth and such on some maps but that may be just me). Overall, the ESP is amazing and works really well when combined with the chams if you never want to miss and enemy. MISC & WEAPON 9/10 Most of the features here do their job, especially the no-recoil ( even tho is messes up at times) and the no spread ( literally any shotgun and fuze + a pistol and laser work like a charm <3). No-clip is kind of meh, I tested it in a private game and it's fun but I do not want to use it during a ranked match and the FoV changer is nice but I am perfectly fine with the in-game fov settings. LAST WORD Overall, give then price and the features that the cheat has, plus that security, I think this is one of the if not the best cheat you can buy without having to dish out huge amounts of money or risking a ban in half a fucking hour ( I will not give out the name of said cheats). So, you can rest assured that by buying Proofcore you are buying the absolute best on the marker as of the moment of writing.
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    Hunt: Showdown Cheat Features: -Player ESP- -Box- -Distance- Price: 29.99$ - 1 week 59.99$ - 1 month Media: Proofcore - winning made easier
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    Hello! We just released a brand-new, internal cheat for Rainbow Six: Siege! It can now be bought it our store for 44.99$ per week and 99.99$ per month. Unlike most other R6S cheats out there, our cheat is internal. It comes with a clean ESP, NoSpread and NoRecoil, a customizable Aimbot as well as misc features such as NoClip and Glow. You can find more information on it's features here: https://www.proofcore.io/index.php?/topic/2-rainbow-six-siege-cheat/ The cheat can be purchased here: (You need to submit an application if you aren't "Verified" or "Customer" yet): Here are some screenshots of the cheat, videos will follow soon:

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