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  1. you can also get report banned but i never got banned
  2. its not for sale right know bcz cheat crashes game alot our coder darky will fix it when he has time there is no eta for that.
  3. you need hwid reset don't forget to select the correct departmant https://www.proofcore.io/support/
  4. no eta and probably no
  5. our cheats works only on windows 10 1809-1903 so its okay
  6. yes serverside anticheats can't detect memorybase cheats so it works on all arma 3 servers.
  7. lmao don't you heard something called backup ? you can backup your files to external hard drive then re install windows and you can't cancel your application as i know don't forget to read https://www.proofcore.io/how-to/
  8. hello thanks for your suggestion could you please also write this in this thread
  9. none of our cheats build in hwid spoofer and we are not selling any hwid spoofer

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