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  1. Looking to buy cracked R6 accounts. Need to see if I am HWID banned from the last time I played. (only cheated once on this PC, so i'm not entirely sure if I am) If you have a shoppy page with automatic delivery, link me them on discord or below/PMs - Discord: Trinity#8587 I checked the sticky thread at the top of the sub-forum but their all region locked to RU/CIS countries
  2. Escape From Tarkov Standard Edition Account Price: £40 PayPal (f&f) Price is £40 as the account as more ingame items than the regular standard edition. I may negotiate on a price, but not definite! You will get full email access to the email account it is on as well Here are some screenshots of the current stash & cash 797k Rubbles (Cash) 5x Lab Access Cards (159k+ each) - 2 Currently listed on market ~20 Customs Keys x1 Meds Case (500k), x1 Money Case (~500k), x1 Ammo Case (150k) PMC Level 7 PM me on discord to buy: Trinity#8587 or on site NO CHEATS HAVE BEEN USED ON THE ACCOUNT. NO REFUNDS. ALL ITEMS LISTED IN IMAGES ABOVE COME 'AS IS'. account is currently listed on Proofcore & Epicnpc
  3. Magic bullet days
  4. Hey I was wondering if you guys accept a UK "provisional driving licence" as ID - as it's not technically a driving license but still has the required info listed on the applicaiton process. Thanks in advance. regards, Trinity.

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