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  1. Went away this weekend, so nothing sexy happened between Silver and I, so unfortunately could not update every1!!

    But we did exchange asshole pics which was fun

    1. silveR


      I enjoyed image number 3 (the animated gif where you put ketchup up your bum and then pooped it out like a creampie)

  2. Helped me lose my virginity, would recommend to others if wanting to lose virginity.

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    2. silveR


      1440p minimum I hope.

    3. FruityZa


      I was thinking more of 8K but sure why not, gotta jack off to some content I guess

    4. veakwolf


      I used my BLACK MAGIC URSA Mini Pro so be ready for 4.6K Reso


  3. My mans trying to sell me drugs? wtf going on here?
  4. I have used many cheats in the past, Private/Public cheats for R6. This is how I view the cheat and my personal opinion Aimbot: 9/10 I have been using the Aimbot quite a bit and trying to tweak it to my liking. I have also experienced sometimes a few shots miss with the Aimbot (Not necessarily a bad thing) I mostly play legit with this cheat. So I don't really want to be hitting every shot. ESP: 9.5/10 ESP for me works perfectly. I have only every run into one issue that has happened multiple times before. Where the ESP would just stop working randomly (Its a known bug) but other than that. ESP works perfectly the way it should. MISC & WEAPON: 8/10 No Recoil has worked perfectly for me, never ran into any issues. Never used/tested NoClip before. Unlock all is not working atm, which does suck, hopefully gets added back soon. Glow works perfectly and I think probably one of the best features in the cheat. Never tried Custom FOV and the Viewmodel Overall: 9/10 Overall the cheat is great, the support team/mods are great. Love the community, security is great so far with the cheat. Hope to see some big updates soon for the cheat!!!
  5. Touched my PP and I kinda liked it. 100% would do it again

  6. Hey there, I just wanted to let you know, that your are special, loved and the best person in the world, you make the world a much better place and are AMAZING, oh shit my bad, wrong person

    1. silveR


      +rep coon

  7. FruityZa

    PC Specs

    CPU: Ryzen 5 2600 GPU: RTX 2060 RAM: Corsair 16gb 3000mhz Storage: 500GB NVME 250GB SSD 1TB Hard Drive Monitor: Dual Acer Monitors 144hz
  8. I was thinking of this as I have just referred a friend now to buy the Apex cheat on here. Maybe in the future try implementing a referral program so it incentivizes people to refer their friends Rough figures: Your referral purchases a cheat that costs 89.99 Then you could earn 5-10% of that 89.99 off your next purchase of a cheat Its just a vague idea and maybe something like this could be implemented later on down the road as it could increase sales of cheats and more exposure for ProofCore Enjoy the rest of your day!

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