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  1. Currently the HWID spoofer isn't for sale right now sorry for the inconvenience.
  2. Call of Duty forgot which one but it was one of the older games
  3. Why should I know you're the literal trap here
  4. Broski to buy it you need to Apply for it and be accepted but Applications are closed at the moment so your gonna have to wait I suggest to join the discord
  5. Also it ain't gay if you were socks
  6. Jonathan 21 USA Ropa Vieja <-- Cuban dish
  7. No, they are not gay because you are falling in love with the girl so like Nah it ain't gay unless you knew beforehand and still smashed then its gay
  8. I'd say I would see a good old rust, Dayz, Then most likely if possible a blackout cheat that would be cool to see

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