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  1. It's been UD for over 2 months now, and has stayed UD for over 8 months in the past before, currently I've been closet cheating since recode of our new very secure external, and I find it hard to get bans while raging too even. (takes around a full month to get banned while raging)
  2. We currently do not have a speedhack, but for more videos and images of our cheats feel free to check out our media section, which contains showcases for all games.
  3. The only prerequisites are listed onsite, these include - disabling/uninstalling any antivirus on your PC - being on windows version 1809/1903 (we have a simple and quick uninstall guide) - running the game in borderless/windowed mode (borderless 144hz/244hz can be configured from the gamesettings.ini file for rainbow six) Other than that, the cheat is an easy inject and play, no other things needed.
  4. They don't ban accounts on the same 2FA, also for the reseller, it can typically take up to 24 hours.
  5. yep, 25 dollars each.
  6. You can remove upgrades if you updated from 1903 to 1909, or if you never installed 1903 and had a new version of windows at 1909, then move your wanted files into a drive and then do a fresh install of windows and afterwards import the files back into your main drive with windows.
  7. Unless you are already HWID banned, I wouldn't recommend using a spoofer of any sort, as almost all public spoofers are constantly getting detected. We currently don't offer a spoofer, but for BattlEye games you can easily set up Raid0.
  8. I would certainly recommend using the aimbot alongside smoothing for legitimate play, the question just falls to what smoothing you want to use, and whether you want nobody at all to ever suspect you, or if you just want to look really good.
  9. It is very easy to configure the cheat with aimbot smoothing and you can accommodate for this with your play style also to avoid bans of any kind Outside of cheat detections, of which proofcore has never had, you can be banned for rage hacking by admins which is rare, but playing with caution is the easiest way to stay unbanned. By playing legitimate, you can avoid getting banned as long as the cheat doesn't get detected.
  10. TF2 ESP only hack back in 2009
  11. Our Hunt Showdown cheat has never been detected.
  12. Dzhnn


    It will be added in the future. Not currently in the cheat.
  13. Rainbow Six Siege Accounts https://plati.ru/games/tom-clancy-s-rainbow-six-siege/540 5-6 usd game keys https://wmcentre.net/search?searchstr=rainbow+six+siege $2 and below cracked accounts DayZ Accounts https://www.plati.market/itm/dayz-steam-gift/2563418 DayZ steam gifts (must use Russian/Ukranian VPN to recieve the gift) https://lolzteam.org/market/steam/?game[]=221100&novac[]=221100&order_by=price_to_up $4 and below cracked accounts PUBG Accounts https://www.plati.market/games/playerunknown-s-battlegrounds/657 5-6 usd game keys https://lolzteam.org/market/steam/?game[]=578080&novac[]=578080&order_by=price_to_up $3 and below cracked accounts Misc. Game Keys: https://www.plati.market/ Misc Cracked Accounts (Steam): https://lolzteam.org/market/ Hf and NEVER overpay!

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